Hip hip hooray! We are super excited to be kicking off the 2017 Fall/Winter Semester, with the following workshops, all starting in August 2017.

First up are these two 4 week mentored workshops. All seats are full participation and our Guides work closely with you to ensure that you grow and develop over the 4 weeks and that the workshops make a real difference to your life, your art and your business.

GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER - starts 14th August, 2017

Before you set about growing and developing your art and your business, its critical to get good foundations for your life in place. Too often, we just work around the clock trying to achieve a never-ending to-do list. Its not sustainable and life is to be enjoyed.

Nikki & Lia will work on personally with all students on this 4 week mentored workshop to ensure that you have a strategy in place for achieving your goals, staying on track and not being side-lined by other people's agenda's and distractions.

By the end of the workshop, you will have the tools to be more organized and find more balance in your life and you will be armed with strategies that will help you run your day instead of letting it run you. You will know how to Get Sh*t Done.

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FIND YOUR OWN VOICE - starts 14th August, 2017

As more and more photographers enter the genre of documentary family photographer, it is not enough to distinguish yourself purely on the basis that you work in a documentary approach. Others will be too. So you need to develop and hone your personal photographic voice.

Tania & Steffi will work closely with you over this 4 week mentored workshop, showing you where to find inspiration, how to hone in on what YOU are drawn to, and the role of experimentation and personal projects in finding your unique photographic voice. By the end of this course, you will have made strides towards that ultimate goal of people seeing your work and knowing immediately that it is yours before seeing your name.

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Lindyn is a visual brand strategist, photographer and successful business owner. She knows her stuff when it comes to social media and specifically Instagram. In this 10 day crash course, she is going to get you to stop faffing about on Instagram and instead show you strategies for using it as an effective business tool to showcase your work, attract and book clients.

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