Tania is one of those people that you just can't help liking. Not only is she downright beautiful with perfect poise, she is funny, kind, thoughtful and intelligent. As well as running her own production company, Tania is a Vogue contributor and is regularly featured on National Geographic's Your Shot.

Tania is an incredible artist who blew away the documentary family photography community when they first saw her dream-like documentary work of her children.

Tania is an artist by nature and nuture. Her father is an artist and her mother is a designer. Her parents used to bring her to art museums more often that to playgrounds. She spent much of her childhood in her father’s workshop, trying to copy the paintings of Modigliani and Picasso.  Later, she spent 7 years in Fine Arts school specialising in painting and a further 5 years at the Fine Arts Academy studying history of art. This experience hugely influences the composition and lighting which she now utlises in her photography.

In this 4 week mentored workshop, Tania will work closely with you to show you how you can be inpsired by the great artists, how to see the world in a way that relfects YOUR own personality and life experience, to grow your art by experimenting and to work on personal projects, all of which will leave you a stronger artist with a clear voice at the end of the 4 weeks.

Why is it important to have your own photographic voice? Because as more and more photographers enter the documentary genre, doing documentary work is not enough to set you apart and make you stand out. You need to have your own unique style and voice that will attract the kind of clients that want to see the world the way you do.

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