Instagram Course


Brand & Market like a boss

Learn about creating your own unique brand identity which you will use to attract clients, market & set your prices.

4 Week Mentored Workshop

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Guided By Mel Nassif and Danielle Kojic


Every successful business is built on the foundation of a solid brand and without a defined brand, your marketing has no real chance of succeeding.

There’s a misperception that branding is just visual, when in fact, it is so much more. Your brand is the personality of your business, what people see, hear and experience.  It is something unique to you.

As documentary family photography is gaining momentum, it's crucial you know how to market yourself to your ideal client. It's about connecting your brand with the right audience, with messages that appeal directly to them by satisfying their desire/need. 

In this course, you’ll do more than learn about branding; you’ll actually develop your brand. So be prepared to get your hands dirty. After four weeks, you'll leave feeling motivated and confident about how to market your business to your ideal client.

We’ll work together to define who you are, what makes you unique and who your ideal customer is. It really is that simple. However, when we are emotionally connected to our own business it can be difficult to answer these questions concisely or view our brands from our clients perspective. That’s where we come in…

We start by working out who you are. We’re not talking just being a documentary family photographer. We dig much deeper to define what makes you unique against your competitors, what your brand personality is and what your values are.

We’ll also work together to define your ideal client. Knowing your ideal client helps you empathise with them. By knowing what matters to them, you can develop messages that motivate them to trust you and gain their loyalty.

We look past basic demographics and find out their interests, desires, where they hang out and their pain points, because once we know who we are talking to, then we know how to talk to them.  Now we're starting to talk marketing.

Of course, branding also includes a visual aspect. Statistics show new clients need to experience your brand three times before taking action or deciding to engage with you. Imagine if they saw a Facebook ad, a flyer and your business card. Would they instantly make a visual connection they are the same business? This is why your brand consistency is vital. We’ll take a look at what your brand is now and where it needs to be.

Once we define your brand, your ideal audience and your brand identity, then and only then can we start looking at marketing strategies. There are loads of marketing ideas but the most beneficial ones are the ones which are actually carried out. We'll set strategies and plans that are achievable and goals-driven, specific for your business. 

By the end of this course, you’ll have developed your very own brand blueprint. This essential document will form the basis of your future brand decisions and marketing activities. 

You’ll not only develop your brand, but you’ll walk away armed with the tools you need to promote and grow your business beyond this four week course. You’ll have clarity and confidence to market like a boss.