A bit about the program:

The Business Badassery Program is a 16 Week mentored program designed to kick your business into high gear, and get you well on your way to being a business badass!

This Business Badassery Program:

-was developed specifically for photographers offering Documentary and Birth photography services. We need to take a very unique and systematic approach to branding, marketing, pricing, and overall running our businesses because we are giving clients something different than what they are used to.

-is for those of you who are ready to take your business to the next level, to start thinking bigger, and to start making decisions and putting plans into action to help you reach your goals.

-will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating a profitable DFP business that feels like you & fits in with your life. You will tap into defining your own version of success and you will start taking actionable steps to achieve your goals.

We have done extensive work, research, and planning to bring you the best of the best! The program was designed in a certain order which will enable you to start implementing each section so that you can start then on the next.

Starting with Branding & Marketing, moving on through website, SEO, Google Analytics, & Blogging, and onto the next steps of making the money you deserve through Pricing, Sales & Money Mindset. The 16 weeks is then rounded out with guiding you through how to set everything you have learned into motion, and get it running like a damn machine with systems! This will enable you to continue focusing on what you love doing... photographing.

The Business Badassery Program Includes:

Branding & Marketing Like A Boss - Starting 10 Sept., 2017
Play The Google Game - Starting 9 Oct., 2017
Earn Some Damn Money - Starting 6 Nov., 2017
Get A Grip & Systemize Your Business - Starting 8 Jan., 2017