Creating Deeper Documentary Imagery

with Chuck Anerino

mastering proven processes which enable photographers to consistently create content-rich documentary images

DFP presents - an in-depth and interactive 12 Week Mentored Workshop experience:

 "Creating Deeper Documentary Imagery" with Chuck Anerino


starts July 8, 2019

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Learn how to compose critical elements of chaotic scenes by infusing elements of composition and layers into your work, ensuring subjects are communicated clearly and universally to viewers.  Learn to dissect images with these elements to determine how, if and why they work. Finally, demonstrate mastery of the taught techniques by completing a culminating project with a mini essay in a cinematic fashion. 

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“Creating Deeper Documentary Images” is a twelve-week, intense, assignment-based program with the ultimate goal of mastering proven processes that will help photographers create deeper, content-rich documentary images on a consistent basis.  WE CANNOT IMPROVE IF WE DO NOT PUT IN THE WORK!

  • The course will begin with an overview of how to approach and assess scenes, lens choice, and aperture choice before shooting begins. Students will learn how to compose critical elements of chaotic scenes so that subjects are communicated clearly and universally to viewers.

  • Students will learn how to infuse elements of composition and layers into their photography as well as dissect images with these elements to determine how, if, and why they work.

  • Finally, students will demonstrate mastery of the taught techniques by completing a culminating project with a mini essay in a cinematic fashion.



A live class will be lead by Chuck via Video Google Hangout (or similar) six times over the course of twelve weeks (approximately every two weeks). Active attendance and participation is crucial to student success. Students will be given assignments in class and will have approximately ten days to complete and submit their work (via Dropbox).

Individual classes will be divided into two sessions: Seminar and Instruction.

Seminar will focus on student work from the prior assignment complete with group critique and Instruction will focus on learning a new concept and introduction of the next assignment. Video classes are expected to last approximately three hours.

Students will be emailed the lesson plan and presentation from each lesson.  Each session will be recorded and available to students via a Dropbox link.

A closed, private Facebook group will be created for students of this course.  This is a fantastic spot for students to ask questions, discuss topics from the lessons, and post images for feedback.  This network of support is invaluable while working through such an intense curriculum.

Additionally, students will have three 30 minute one on one conferences with Chuck throughout the course.  Two conferences will be during the class (about ⅓ and ⅔ through) and one will be an “exit interview” where students will give feedback on the course.

DURATION: 12 weeks

CAPACITY: 12 students

COST:  €1200 for DFP Directory Listed Photographers (with the 15% off discount code)

    €1412 for non-DFP Listed Photographers 

(cost starts at Circa US$1330 depending on current exchange rate)                       

Payment Plans Available: see below for details

If you are not already a DFP Directory Listed Photographer and you want to be, you can join us here!

PREREQUISITES: Students must be driven to create strong documentary images. Students should have an understanding of the “rules” of Family Documentary Photography and must have a solid command of the technical aspects of a manual camera (manual exposure preferred).


  • General Approach To Documentary Shooting: “Slow Down, Stop Down, Sit Down”

  • Defining What Makes a Strong Documentary Image

  • Finding Solid Image to Ground Relationships (making images more readable)

  • Effectively Using Layers (creating images with more depth)

  • Incorporating Elements of Composition

  • Learning to Shoot Cinematically

  • Developing Long Term Personal Projects

  • And more...


When he’s not behind the camera, Chuck’s career has been in secondary education for the past eighteen years where he has worked as a Social Studies teacher, Photography teacher, and is currently a full time Dean of Students for a Philadelphia public high school. During this time, Chuck has created two high school photography programs and has inspired the next generation of photographers for the past eleven years. He is a proud husband and father to three sons, ages 7-13. You can see his personal work at www.anerinooriginals.com and www.anerinooriginals.com/personal

More about Chuck, here.


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What the community is saying about Creating Deeper Documentary Imagery 

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Chuck's course taught me to SEE differently. I came in to this twelve-week experience feeling a bit helpless and lost in my compositions -- unsure where to be in space relative to my subjects and unsure how to shoot in those (let's be honest, MANY) in-between moments where nothing in particular was happening. Now, after, I have a game plan. Where I previously saw blah -- nothing, I now notice elements and details that give potential to a strong and compelling photo, in the absence of a decisive action. And for a visual artist whose work is in documenting the relatively mundane story of family life, that is A LOT.

Chuck's mentorship went above and beyond. He is an incredibly giving, thoughtful guide who has studied the masters in and out, and brings that education and knowledge with him into the course, sharing it generously with his students. In addition to well planned lessons, detailed critiques, and thought-provoking challenges to look deeply within, Chuck makes ample time for impromptu one-on-one chats. In terms of personal attention, this course is unparalleled.

I am a person who needs to be pushed, and Chuck rose to this challenge. Enough to make me feel engaged and inspired, but not to the point of overwhelm.

I made some of my life's strongest work during Chuck's class.  It's a lot to digest and will take time for me to fully incorporate it all, but I feel confident that I'm entering a new, elevated arena with the skills I have learned from Chuck. I couldn't be more thankful for this experience.

Aleks (Texas, USA)


Wow, Chuck’s class was amazing. I was hesitant to sign up because it was a big investment but it was definitely worth it. I choose this class because I wanted to better my photography and with this course you get 12 weeks of feedback! This was were incredibly valuable and really helped my photography. I learned somethings in this longer time frame that would not have been possible in shorter classes.  I see the photography world differently now. I now recognize when my images have something special and when they are just ok.

Chuck is a very supportive mentor. He gives you the tools to develop your own creative voice and encourages you to be true to yourself while carrying out each of the assignments. We went through a lot of material and he really pushed us to do our personal best since we were at different points on our photography journeys. We all made some amazing pictures during this class because of his great guidance and teaching.  I learned so much from this class and highly recommend it.

Abbie (Munich, Germany)

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If you are looking for more than just an online class and seek a professional development opportunity that truly takes your skills to the next level, then enroll in Chuck Anerino’s Creating Deeper Documentary Images workshop right now.

Chuck is not just an incredible photographer but a true educator who cares about his students and is extremely generous in sharing the skills and insights he has developed in his own impressive career. At the same time, he helps students to look within themselves to see how they can apply the concepts in their own professional development. He provides no-holds-barred critique, personal mentoring and the honesty that many of us need, at all stages of our careers. He encourages students to really see the potential of a scene, to act with intention, and capture real life in a thoughtful, compelling and authentic way. The lessons are cumulative and build on each other and by the end of the 12 weeks, I felt like I truly saw things through new eyes.

Chuck also encourages true partnership and interaction with the colleagues learning alongside you, and watching how they develop on their own paths is also extremely valuable. These lessons have inspired me to move ahead in new ways on my own personal and professional projects and will impact my work for years to come.

-Donna (Florida, USA)


Creating deeper documentary images is one of the online workshop I have enjoyed doing the most, and one of the most rewarding in terms of results after the 12 weeks course. If you are thinking subscribing to this course, be prepared to commit yourself and work really hard: you have to provide 10 images on a specific topic every two weeks, which is a lot, but it allows you to switch your mindset and apply some composition principles automatically. Chuck is very dedicated to this class and his constant presence and feedback throughout the course (via fb group or through hangout meetings) makes this workshop stand out from many others offered out there.

Sara (Rome, Italy)

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One Payment

1 payment of €1412*

*save €212 with listed photographer discount

***We want to accommodate you! For other payment plan options, please contact us at hello@dfpeducation.com

*15% off applied at check out with code for listed photographers. If you are listed and need the code, please message or email us


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What makes this mentored workshop so great?

This workshop has been developed to be student-centered and assignment-based with the idea that participants bring a wide array of experiences with them as they learn. It’s these experiences and perspectives that will allow for us to gain a deeper understanding to the course and ultimately our own work. The strength in any classroom is it’s students. Students will drive the conversation, ask the pressing questions, and push one another past their limits.

+ Do I have to be online at a certain time everyday?

Students are not required to report online everyday. There will be six virtual (video meeting) classes during the 12 week course that will be at a specific time. Students will get the most out of the course by participating in these six classes. A schedule for these classes will be agreed upon at the start of the course.

Although daily online check-ins are not required, it is recommended that students regularly work on their assignments in order to get the most out of the experience. Chuck will be available in between classes to answer any questions students may have.

+ Do I have to be a listed photographer in order to enroll in a course?

No, but if you are, you get 15% off of the course/workshop enrollment price with the secret listed photographer code. If you would like to add your listing to the directory, you can do so here.

+ How many spots are available?

This mentored workshop is limied to 16 students to ensure an in depth experience and so adequate feedback can be provided to participants.

+ How is the course content delivered?

The workshop takes place via an online education platform and new content is rolled out at the beginning of each week. The workshop content is a mixture of videos, pdfs, worksheets/exercises/assignments, screenshares, etc. all available to view via the education platform and/or for download.

+ How long will I have access to the course content?

Access to the course content will be available on the education platform for 3 months from the last day of of the course/workshop. You are able to download the content/materials for your personal use.

+ What happens once I enroll?

Once you enroll, you will receive an automated order confirmation email. Approximately one week before the workshop begins, you will receive further instructions about how to access the education platform and any other necessary information about the workshop