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Are you still trying to find the best solution to doing what you love and earning the money you need & want to? 

When deciding what to charge, did you simply look at what others were charging?


Pricing on Purpose Learn your numbers stop pricing based on what others are charging and instead price based on what you need to earn in order to sustain your business and earn some damn money.

Beyond the Numbers New Perspectives on Pricing and Sales

Not just about numbers

Various Pricing Models and the Pros and Cons of each

Evaluating your market and business to decide which model is best for you

Understanding and quantifying value to clients. Get a good grasp of 

Profitable photography pricing happens when you understand how people make decisions about money, when you know what they really want, and when you have a pricing structure that works well for your market.


Easy peasy product pricing calculator 

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earn some damn money

learn how to start making money with your dfp business through proper pricing, sales & tackling money blocks.

5 Week Mentored Workshop

Course Start Date: 2 April, 2018

Guided By Ash Raddatz with Lia Edwards

This Pricing, Sales & Money Mindset workshop was specifically made for documentary & birth photographers! Since these types of sessions are often longer, tons of work before, during and after, it is important you are charging appropriately but also you are turning a profit.

We will be:

  • Working through blocks that are stopping you from making your business grow financially
  • Creating a vision for the financial success of your photography business that works for YOU
  • Getting out of the "Pay Check" mindset, and into the "Entrepreneur/Business Owner" mindset
  • Challenging common assumptions about pricing documentary family photography
  • Learning to price your work for all different lengths of sessions
  • Pricing your work according to your market and your own standards
  • Figuring out EXACTLY what you need to average per client in order to sustain your business, turn a profit and hit your financial goes
  • Working though exactly how you will hit that scary number average and showing why it is not so scary after all and is totally doable
  • Going through different pricing and sales models and figure out exactly which will work for you and your market
  • Working through possible client objections and how to face them head on, confidently and honestly
  • Learning when it is worth it to educate the client about the process or to decide that they are not the client for you
  • Pricing / Products / Sales Policies & Procedures, Terms & Conditions to have in place
  • How to sell your work and products without feeling sale-sy
  • How to continue to grow your income


By the time the workshop is through, you will have a comprehensive plan in place so you can get your business income to where you want it to be.

Ashleigh is DFP’s resident pricing guru with a background in marketing and an intense love for figuring out pricing/numbers that work in various markets. She knows that each market may need a different pricing structure and has developed material to help each photographer figure out exactly what will work for them.

Since the beginning of 2017, Lia has turned around her photography business by implementing the strategies and mindset that will be covered on this workshop, now making 3 times the income per session than she did in 2016.


enrollment open