Frequently Asked Questions

+ How is this program different from other photography business programs?

This is a unique learning opportunity because it gives a mixed benefit of one to one mentoring in addition to the valuable input and discussion of a small group. This allows us to work on your individual needs as well as addressing things you may not have considered as your peers ask questions, reflect, etc.

+ Do I have to be online at a certain time everyday?

There will be some content delivered digitally through our education platform as well as an active discussion in the study group. For these parts you can be online at any time.

For the video calls, we will have set times to be online, and will coordinate the call schedule accoriding to the different time zones.

+ Do I have to be a listed photographer in order to enroll in a course?

No, but if you are, you get 15% off of our other courses/workshop enrollment prices with the secret listed photographer code. If you would like to add your listing to the directory, you can do so here. This course does not allow for an additional discount at this time because it is discounted as a Beta course currently

+ How many spots are available for this program?

This program is limited to 12 students to ensure Ash can provide adequate feedback to participants.

+ How is the content delivered?

The workshop takes place via a mix of medias including our online education platform, a discussion group as well as video calls. The content is a mixture of discussions, videos, pdfs, worksheets/exercises/assignments, screenshares, etc.

+ What happens once I enroll?

Once you enroll, you will receive an automated order confirmation email. Approximately one week before the program begins, you will receive further instructions about how to access the education platform and any other necessary information about the program.