Earn Some Damn Money

The next run of this course will be in Fall 2019.

learn how to start making money with your dfp business through proper pricing, sales & tackling money blocks.


Earn Some Damn Money is the first pricing workshop made specifically for documentary photographers!


This Pricing, Sales & Money Mindset workshop was made with documentary & birth photographers in mind so we have got you covered! We have been there too and all of the burning questions you have about pricing (and ones you have never even thought of) are answered in this "hold nothing back" mentored workshop! 

We know documentary sessions are tons of work! They are often longer, require building trust with the client and many hours are spent before, during and after the session. We know how important is to get paid for all of the hours you are putting in and we will teach you exactly how to show clients the value in this type of work so you can earn the money you deserve!

We also know that you are so ready to start building a sustainable photography business and are oh so ready to bring in a reliable income.  You can have the balanced life you have been day dreaming about once you start earning some damn money... Life, Family, Creativity and Business Ownership... We have you covered! 

This Mentored workshop will challenge you to think in ways you have never thought before and will help you build the confidence you need to charge your worth and to start earning some damn money.

It is full of detailed information and walks you step-by-step through various structures and methods so you can choose which one fits to your market, your business and your life.

We will guide you through both IPS and Non-IPS structures, as well as various different pricing models so you can decide which solution works best for you!

You will receive access to our education platform as well as the active study group where we are there to guide you, encourage you and interact with you and your peers.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are ready to get into the entrepreneurial mindset and overcome anything that may be holding you back

  • You are stuck trying to figure out what the heck to charge for your work?

  • You are trying to find the best solution to doing what you love while earning the money you need & want to earn while doing it? 

  • When deciding what to charge, you simply looked at what others were charging

  • The thought of sales sounds so blah and you are looking for a way to sell your work without feeling like a sleaze ball

  • You are asking yourself: Can photographers really make a living with Documentary Family Photography? Will people pay me for me work? How much does it actually cost to run a business AND pay myself? Where do I even start with this shi...er... stuff?

  • You have an idea of what you need to earn per client but feel overwhelmed with the idea that clients won’t pay that price

  • You need to find which pricing structure and products work best for your business & your market

  • You are ready to start earning some damn money


What the community is saying about Earn Some Damn Money 

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"I loved the Earn Some Damn Money workshop! I would totally recommend it to other documentary family photographers because it will really get you thinking about the business side of what you are doing and how to make a living do something you love.

The most important thing people should know about this workshop is that it is a big-time commitment. You will get out of it what you put into it, so make the time to do the exercises and really contemplate the material. I would take it again in a heartbeat. It is well worth the money spent. 

 I have learned so much and I am going to kick some serious ass this year, thanks to you!!!! ".  

- Casie Zalud, www.casiezalud.com/


This course was, without exaggeration, life-changing. Thanks to Ash I have a whole new outlook on the value of my time and work, am nurturing my best client pool, and — most importantly— am earning what I deserve, with confidence. Within a month of wrapping up, I booked two full Day-in-the-Life sessions at my new rate (a rate which, by the way, almost made me faint when I first determined it during the course). I can’t speak highly enough of brainiac course mastermind Ash Raddatz, who exudes an energy that is contagious and fun, all while making herself incredibly accessible and helpful to the group and individual students. The best business course I’ve ever taken. 

-Aleksandra Gajdeczka, https://aleks-gajdeczka.com/

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I really like all the hands-on exercises! It helped me get a grip on my business balance. And it is wonderful how Ashleigh is always there ready to help you. She makes time for you and goes there and beyond to help you sort things out.

- Sandra Stokmans, http://www.sandrastokmans.nl/


It was extremely well structured and Ashleigh was always there to answer EVERY question and provide even more material than expected. It is one of the workshops that really get you going! You cannot just sit back and be entertained. It changes your way of thinking, your goals and how you want to achieve them. 

- Katrin Küllenberg, http://katrinkuellenberg-familienfotografie.com/

week #2: 

Breaking Down the Science & Art of Pricing  +    Finding which pricing structure works best for you

  • Go from the "pay check mindset" to the "entrepreneur mindset"
  • Challenge the common assumptions about earning a living as a documentary family photographer
  • Learn to "price on purpose"
  • Identify and quantify the value you bring to each client
  • Find out exactly what you need to earn in order to sustain your business & turn a profit
  • Identify which pricing structure will work best for you, your business & your market
  • Learn to price your work for all different lengths of sessions

week #1:

Money Mindset, Our Relationship with, feelings & Beliefs About Money

  • Uncover your financial blocks 
  • Explore your feelings & beliefs about money
  • Work out what is stopping you from earning some damn  money
  • Create a vision of the financial success of your photography business that works for YOU

week #3: Pause to work & reflect


Week 1 & 2 are jam packed with information and to-dos. We want to help you work through the first two weeks at an even pace, so week 3 is devoted to helping you gain your footing, answering questions and giving you time to really work out your numbers and a pricing structure that will work for YOU. 

week #5: 

Implementing Your New Pricing & Money Mindset

  • The importance of client communication & education
  • Identifying and overcoming client objections
  • Dos and Don'ts of your new pricing and sales methods
  • How to Implement new structure
  • Setting goals for the future
  • Bonus client communication emails
  • Bonus 1+ hour Group Q&A/Discussion video call where we can wrap up and last minute things and send you confidently on your way

week #4: 

Sales + Communication + Problem Solving + Purpose

  • Defining and Understanding Purpose & how it relates to pricing and sales
  • Learning how to solve problems before they arise
  • The art of Active Listening
  • The art + science of sales
  • Exploring the Psychology of Sales
  • The complete sales cycle + sales is not a bad thing
  • Product Ordering 
  • The act of Following through

Even though this course is online, we called it a "Mentored Workshop" because we are there with you every step of the way!

We are there to provide you support, interact with and encourage you throughout the duration of the workshop! It is our goal to make sure you leave the workshop feeling full of new knowledge, tools and the confidence you need to kick some major financial ass! 

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How is this course different from other photography pricing courses?

Earn Some Damn Money was developed specifically with Documentary Family Photographers in mind. It offers an honest & in depth look of what it really takes to earn money and to run a sustainable photography business, no matter the genre. Earn Some Damn Money gives students multiple ways to price their photography because we understand goals and lives are not a one-size-fits-all.

Throughout the course we address not only pricing but also mindset, confidence, and the importance of setting goals.

+ Do I have to be online at a certain time everyday?

No, you are welcome to get on whenever works best for you. We have students joining us from all over the world and know many of us are in different time zones. Your guides will available to answer questions and discuss various topics providing daily interaction.

+ Do I have to be a listed photographer in order to enroll in a course?

No, but if you are, you get 15% off of the course/workshop enrollment price with the secret listed photographer code. If you would like to add your listing to the directory, you can do so here.

+ How many spots are available for each course?

We limit courses to 30 students to ensure guides can provide adequate feedback to participants.

+ How is the course content delivered?

The workshop takes place via an online education platform and new content is rolled out at the beginning of each week. The workshop content is a mixture of videos, pdfs, worksheets/exercises/assignments, screenshares, etc. all available to view via the education platform and/or for download.

+ How long will I have access to the course content?

Access to the course content will be available on the education platform for 3 months from the last day of of the course/workshop. You are able to download the content/materials for your personal use.

+ What happens once I enroll?

Once you enroll, you will receive an automated order confirmation email. Approximately one week before the workshop begins, you will receive further instructions about how to access the education platform and any other necessary information about the workshop