Documentary Photography Workshop

The Documentary Photographer’s Journey

Light. Composition. Moment.

Group Mentoring Program with Bridget Eldridge

This is a three-part mentored workshop series. You can enroll in each course individually, or you can enroll in all three programs in the series at a special bundled rate.

DFP Presents - an in-depth Mentored Workshop:

 "The Documentary Photographer’s Journey"

Workshop Series w/ Bridget Eldridge

Join Bridget and push your knowledge & your work further with “The Documentary Photographer’s Journey” mentored workshop series.

This program has been designed as the next step after learning about the documentary approach to photography. Each section consists of 5 weeks of in-depth and hands-on mentoring, taking you through how to use light, composition and moment and enabling you to make stronger documentary images.


Light starts april 1, 2019

Composition starts june 17, 2019

moment starts august 5, 2019

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Become a powerful storyteller by building a picture. Start with light, then work on your composition and finally, wait for the moment. This complete program will help you to slow down, be thoughtful and deliberate about how you create an image to tell a strong story that anyone will be able to understand-not just the family that was there.

You may enroll in each section individually or you can enroll in all three programs in the series at a special bundled rate.




5 Weeks

We don’t always get “good light” as documentary photographers. But we can learn to use the light we have well. You will learn to explore and embrace different kinds of light, even the often present “shitty light.” Learn how to use light as the driving element of your storytelling.



STARTS JUNE 17, 2019


5 Weeks

Even though we aren’t directing our subjects, we can still control how we are composing a frame. Learn to slow down and deliberately pick your composition as you build your frame. This workshop will enable you to deliver impactful & compelling images consistently.





5 Weeks

Moment is the “magic” that makes our photographs extra special. But what is a moment? Hint: it’s not people doing stuff. It’s so much more. Learn about action vs reaction, observational vs reflexive & much more to flex your moment documenting abilities.





15 Weeks

Get into the whole shebang!! Enroll in the 3 part series, Light, composition & moment, and be prepared to take on whatever comes your way. Also, enrolling in the bundle gives you a schnazzy jazzy discount compared to if you take all 3 workshops separately. Win-Win-Win



This is a mentored workshop, which means Bridget will be providing in-depth and personalized video classes via the DFP Education platform, weekly assignments with feedback/critique, a private discussion group where she will actively guide you, as well as a live Zoom group meeting. Active attendance and participation is crucial to student success.


Students will view the presentation from each lesson and participate in weekly assignments to apply the skills that have been taught. Each assignment will be critiqued by Bridget, providing you with personalized feedback.


There will be a closed, private Facebook group for students of each workshop, where students will be able to discuss the assignments, ask Bridget and their peer students questions and of course, get to know each other.  Bridget will be there to answer questions, to push you to strengthen your images and to cheer you on.

DURATION: Each workshop is 5 weeks long. The complete workshop bundle is a total of 15 weeks with breaks in between the start of each section. Workshops can be purchased individually (if you need help only strengthening one or 2 areas) or can be purchased as a bundle at a discounted rate.

CAPACITY: 10 students per workshop

COST:  €299 for single workshops       

€749 for 3 Workshop Bundle (Light, Composition & Moment)

Listed Photographers receive 15% off                   

Payment Plans Available for the Bundle: see below for details

***Please note: This is a special beta price for this run of the program. The price will increase for future runs.


Students should have an understanding of the “rules” of Family Documentary Photography and must have a solid command of the technical aspects of a manual camera (manual exposure preferred).



Light -

April 1

Week 1- Types of light

Week 2- Shooting for highlights

Week 3- Window light

Week 4- Harsh Light
Week 5- Artificial Light - in homes or out and about



June 17

Week 1- Pick the Background

Week 2- Square Up

Week 3- Get close, get far, get low, get high

Week 4- Watching the Corners

Week 5-Artistic Choices



August 5

Week 1- What makes a moment?

Week 2- Action vs. Reaction

Week 3- Gesture

Week 4- Don’t chase the moments

Week 5- Shoot a lot, just pick one

Enroll now in all 3 Workshops!

Light, Composition & Moment

And save up to €150!


***We want to accommodate you! For other payment plan options, please contact us at hello@dfpeducation.com

*15% off applied at check out with code for listed photographers. Price will increase after early bird special is over, so get in now ;) 

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What makes this mentored workshop so great?

This workshop has been developed to be student-centered and assignment-based with the idea that participants bring a wide array of experiences with them as they learn. It’s these experiences and perspectives that will allow for us to gain a deeper understanding to the course and ultimately our own work. The strength in any classroom is it’s students. Students will drive the conversation, ask the pressing questions, and push one another past their limits.

+ Do I have to be online at a certain time everyday?

Students are not required to report online everyday. There will be video lessons via the DFP Education platform which you can access at anytime of day.

+ Do I have to be a listed photographer in order to enroll in a course?

No, but if you are, you get 15% off of the course/workshop enrollment price with the secret listed photographer code. If you would like to add your listing to the directory, you can do so here.

+ How many spots are available?

This mentored workshop is limited to 10 students to ensure an in depth experience and so adequate feedback can be provided to participants.

+ How is the course content delivered?

The workshop takes place via an online education platform and new content is rolled out at the beginning of each week. The workshop content is a mixture of videos, exercises/assignments, dicussion group, live video meetings, screenshares, etc. all available to view via the education platform and/or for download.

+ How long will I have access to the course content?

Access to the course content will be available on the education platform for 3 months from the last day of of the course/workshop. You are able to download the content/materials for your personal use.

+ What happens once I enroll?

Once you enroll, you will receive an automated order confirmation email. Approximately one week before the workshop begins, you will receive further instructions about how to access the education platform and any other necessary information about the workshop