Rock Paper Scissors, the FAQs


What is Rock Paper Scissors?

Rock Paper Scissors is the education platform of Documentary Family Photographers (DFP), the worldwide community and directory for documentary family photographers. You can find more information on dfp at

Rock Paper Scissors offers photographer education specifically for photographers working in the field of documentary family photography (although many of the courses offered . The name reflects the 3 types of mentored workshops and crash courses that we offer:


ROCK: Helping you build a solid foundation in your life. These are the workshops that will help you “rock” the crazy balance of having your own business, artist mind, family, life, and overcome all the fears and self-doubt that can come hand-in-hand with life as a photographer.

PAPER: Paper of the money kind. Our series of 4 month-long mentored workshops make up the “Business Badassery” program. In total, 16 intensive weeks, to get you running a profitable business that feels like YOU and fits in with your life.

SCISSORS: The creative side. These are the workshops that will bring your art to the next level. Because, afterall, we are all in this to make art that makes us feel something. And that only happens if you keep exploring and learning.

You can view the full programme here

How much do the mentored workshops/crash courses cost?

4 week mentored workshops are €380* and 10 day crash courses are €175*.

There is also the option to purchase a Semester Pass (All Courses From August 2017 Thru January 2018)  €1870* or the Business Badassery Program 16 week program (All Paper Courses this Semester) €1300*

*plus VAT sales tax of 19%

What is the difference between a mentored workshop and a crash course?

Mentored workshops take place over 4 weeks with regular assignments. Crash courses are intensive 10 day courses. Due to the limited number of students permitted, both types of courses are interactive with a feel of group mentoring.

Do I have to be a Listed Photographer with DFP to register for a mentored workshop/crash course?

No you don’t, but photographers listed on the DFP directory benefit from a 15% discount (as well as many other industry supplier discounts), so if you are thinking of taking a mentored workshop or crash course, this might be a good time to list with DFP 😉

How do the mentored workshops and crash courses run? Do I need to be present on certain days at specified times?

The workshops and crash courses are all conducted online, with materials delivered through our dedicated teaching platform, via pdf and video. You can read and view these at a time that suits you, although we recommend dedicating time each week while the workshop/course is running to make the most out of the course and the interaction with the Guides and other students.

How much interaction can I expect with the Guides during the course and after?

Each course is structured slightly differently depending on the subject matter, but all will include some assignment(s) that you can submit to the Guides for feedback. The mentored workshops, because of their duration, allow for more interaction with the Guides, hence the name “mentored” workshops. It is important to us that you feel guided throughout the course to an outcome that really impacts your life, business or art in a tangible way. There will be a dedicated online “classroom” where you can interact with the Guides and other students throughout the duration of the course.

How many seats are available for each mentored workshop/crash course?

Each Guide will determine the maximum number of seats on the mentored workshop/crash course that they are guiding, to ensure they can provide feedback and guidance to every student through the duration of the course. This number varies from course to course but on average will be around 25-30 students.

Are silent seats available?

No. Our experience is that “silent” seats (i.e. where the student can’t ask any questions or submit any assignment) result in those students not taking as much away from the experience as those who have a full participation and interaction with the Guides. All seats are “full participation” to ensure that all students gain as much as possible from the workshop or course.

How often are the mentored workshops/crash courses repeated?

We cannot guarantee if or when courses will be repeated by generally we expect most courses to run either once or twice a year. Our first semester runs August 2017 - January 2018 and our next semester is planned to run February 2018 - June 2018.

Can I take a class if I myself teach or mentor students?

Due to the time, commitment and knowledge that our Guides bring to their workshops and crash courses, we need to respect their hard work and copyright. It would potentially be a conflict of interest for you to take a workshop/crash course on a subject area that you then taught to others. Therefore we cannot allow photographers that are actively mentoring or teaching other photographers (or that plan to in the next year) to enrol in the Rock Paper Scissors courses.

How do I secure my seat on a workshop or crash course?

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