Foundations of Journalism Study Guide by Johanne Lila Larsen

Foundations of Journalism Study Guide by Johanne Lila Larsen


We have decided to offer our popular 10 Day Crash Course Foundations of Journalism as a Study Guide. We feel this information is so important and valuable for documentary photographers since we hold many of the same ethics as journalists. We want everyone to have the chance to learn about it! 

What's it about?

Family photojournalism is nothing new. But PAID family photojournalism is new, and we as an industry are treading virgin territory: What defines family pj? Why are there ethics? What IS the pj part anyway?

Good news! Because at the heart of any genre that has the word ‘journalism’ in it, is (wait for it) journalism!

It might be an evolving brand of our work – but it has been a profession for decades and carry a deep history and some very accessible techniques.

I am here to help you dive into the foundations of what journalism is. We will look at what is the most important part of journalism is, which essentially is being a truth teller. We will look at how that works and why it is important.

Being committed to looking for truth and then giving the truth back to a broader public is what makes a journalist. Without the commitment to truth telling what is left is fiction. Fiction can be wonderful! Movies, books = gold. But it is not journalism.

This class will not make you a hard news rat over night, but it will teach you the basic elements of journalism.

  • That includes inviting you to think about the element of truth in the journalism you meet in the world – and in your own work. How do we know it is true? How can we tell real journalism from alternative facts? Why is it so important?

  • It will give you a better foundation for understanding what all the hoopla is about, when people get all heated talking about ethics and codes for family photojournalism. And why those things are critical to what we do.

  • We will look at the elements that make a story. Both in our work as family photojournalists, but also in the world around us. It will help you become better at ‘reporting’ from the families you shoot. But:

  • You will even get a very special chance to go on assignment in your own community! We will develop your own idea for a story, you will get a few day to do it, and then we will be reporting the stories back to the class! All to help you get the principles of journalism better integrated. Don’t worry, I will be at your side the entire time helping and guiding you. Maybe it will even get you exited about journalism in general to find ways to broaden your business!


  • A 102 page Ebook with video commentary/walk through from Johanne Lila Larsen.

  • Access to a private Facebook group to discuss, ask questions, post assignments, and engage with others that have read the book.

  • Assignments that you can do at your own pace and will push you to photograph new things in a new way while utilizing the "Journalism Toolbox"


About Johanne:

Johanne has always been the kind of person who runs towards crisis, when most people instinctively would to run away. Car crashes, street fights, ready to stop the problem and offer help. Turned out that was a great benefit as a news reporter, where her first response would always be ‘just send me out there!’

Johanne is a classically trained journalist with a background in hard news. As part of her training, she spend 1 ½ years with her country’s leading news agency, Ritzau’s Bureau, before she worked as an editor at a small local paper. She has experience also in the magazine world as an editor and writer. It was at the paper that she was first introduced to also being a photojournalist, having her first work published along side her work as a reporter.

In just one month she will be leaving her native Denmark, having sold all she’s got, to go see what else is out there! Along the way she will be working on personal projects, eating ice cream and getting excited about helping you guys out getting comfortable with journalism.


**Please note: Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds are available**

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