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Vacation storytelling

Tap into your local tourist market

10 Day Crash Course

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Guided By Antonina Mamzenko

Do you want to meet people from all over the world and have fun photographing them on their vacation - and get paid for it? Well, this crash course is for you!

Local tourist photography is growing. People are no longer content with just smartphone selfies or handing the cameras over to strangers on a street to capture some memories of their vacation. More and more people are hiring local professional photographers to capture their time while on vacation. You can tap into that market and increase your bottom line by photographing tourists in your own town or city, offering them storytelling vacation photoshoots! 

In this 10-day crash course you’ll learn everything you need to get set up to start booking vacation photoshoots for the next season. We’ll cover everything from portfolio building, to using blogging and social media to get vacation photoshoot clients, to different pricing models and sales, as well as differentiating yourself in this growing market, dealing with cultural differences, and much more!