Why You Need a Value Proposition Statement & How to Create One

One of the most common questions seen across photography groups is “how do I get clients”?

Most are looking for a quick and magical solution but the truth is, if there were a quick and magical solution, everyone would be doing it.

When I get asked this question, I always say the simplest answer is marketing… which as you know, is not so simple at all.

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The Documentary Photographer

What is a documentary photographer. To do it you need a stamina that is more than just

knowing the right shutter speeds and using light. You need to know people. You need to

know the story. You need to know how to predict movements and moments. You need

to be present. You need to maintain all that for hours or days at a time for just a handful

good shots while only eating granola bars.

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The End of Adventure (luckily it’s not as bad as it sounds).

One photographer’s journey from landscape to documentary style people photography.

The end of adventure. That's what happened to us when our precious, beautiful, crying, sensitive and colicky baby was born. There was no more sleep, no more energy and certainly no more landscape photographs. Hardly any photographs at all actually.

When I was pregnant I started watching any and all video tutorials online about newborn photography, how to pose them, how to dress them, props you need and everything in between. I decided I was going to become the next most incredible newborn photographer there ever was!

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5 Reasons Why Your Photography Business Needs a Brand Identity

Even as small businesses, us photographers need to have a brand identity in order to know how and where to market effectively, to be remembered and to create an experience for our clients.

Figuring out and developing your brand identity is a process that can take some time and cost some money. Eeek! And as busy photographers and business owners, that may seem like a luxury we can do without. But the truth is, without a brand, you don't have a business.

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Your "About Me" Page... and why it is not really about you

You bought the website template, picked out your best images to showcase. It all looks nice. Now you have to tell people something about you. Eeek! You check out what other people have written on their "About Pages" and figure you should...

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